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Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art was a very wonderful place.  Cheekwood does have some galleries but they also have some pieces outside.  It think that having art in nature really enhances my experience.  Art seems to blend/fit much better in nature, like it belongs there. It makes me pay more attention to the space I’m in.  I like seeing art in nature because when it’s in a building I feel like I’m supposed to look at and enjoy it but when it’s in nature it’s my choice.   The property at Cheekwood was beautiful and I really wish that I was able to explore it more.  I plan to go back and spend more time outside exploring.  I sketched a picture of one of the cool places I found while there (warning: I’m not a good drawer haha).

The cup on that pedestal was really cool because what looked like handles were actually the horns of goats that were part of the cup as well.  I did not notice that for a while but I thought it was really interesting!

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